Spa-Francorchamps difficult sector

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:48 am

I have been keeping up with the F1 season and try to practice the same track. I watched several videos and the F1 drivers go through Eau Rouge without missing a beat. It appears that that section of the track is taken flat out. Every time I go through there flat out I lose traction and spin out and hit the right wall. Do you take that portion of the track at full speed? Or do you ease off the gas slightly to retain traction? When I easy off I usually make it through but lose precious time.

The other problem I am experiencing is that when I am going fast through that section, my lap gets invalidated with the smallest deviance from the track. There are times where I go completely off the track at a slower pace and I do not get penalized. Is this a flaw in the game? In the videos that I have watched the players go through the same area and do not get penalized.
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